3 Ways to Make Sure Your Student is College-Ready

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Student is College-Ready

It’s that time of year – summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for high school graduations all over the country to release the next generation of students into the collegiate world. It’s an exciting time for your kids, of course, but it’s an equally-exciting time for parents, too! Seeing your child graduate from high school can create a swell of different emotions, and it’s something you should absolutely be proud of.

But, if you’re the parent of a high school Sophomore or Junior, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to help your future graduate better prepare for college. By getting certain tasks taken care of now, there will be less stress on both of you by the time they graduate, and they can eventually walk onto the college campus of their choice with confidence, while you can have peace of mind.

Make a Final Decision

It’s okay to encourage your high school student to pick a college relatively early on. This doesn’t mean pressuring them into a choice, or choosing one for them. But, talking through different schooling options can be a great way to make them more comfortable with their choice. The more you can talk about different schools, the better they’ll get to know their options. So, when they do finally make a choice, they can be excited that it was their decision, and go into it knowing as much about the school as possible.

Making a final college decision either before, or early on in their Senior year can relieve a lot of stress early on.

Apply for Financial Aid

The FAFSA is something you should be helping your student to complete. It’s a free application for financial aid from the government, and it’s likely your son or daughter will need your guidance in answering quite a few of the questions. When you’re filling out the FAFSA, be aware of deadlines! It must be submitted by a certain date every year, and you don’t want to let the opportunity for financial aid pass you, or your student by.

Enroll Them in Orientation

College orientation classes tend to fill up quickly, and they are a great way to further introduce your student to what they can expect on campus. It’s also a great way for them to initially meet some new friends! Be aware of any specifics the school your child is attending may have when it comes to orientation. Bigger schools will often have major-specific orientation classes. So, if your graduate knows what they want to do, getting them into the right class can make for a great start.

Of course, these are just a few ways to get some things off your plate before your son or daughter graduates from high school. Undoubtedly, you’ll discover a dozen other things that need to get taken care of during this exciting and life-changing time. But, the more you can help out your graduate with in advance, the more you both can enjoy their last year of high school, and appreciate the college experience that much more.